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Our Process

Our approach and methodology is the foundation of everything.

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What Makes MijiniTech A “Transforming brand”?

Based in Kenya, Mijinitech is a software and technology Company, focused on the development of Business and Artificial Intelligence Solutions, eGov solutions, Mobile & Web applications, System Integration & Internet of Things and IT solutions to clients both in the public and private sector.

Our main goal is to create solutions for the public and private sector through technology.

We provide complete transformation solutions that allow our customers to automate processes as well as support the digital transformation agendas.

Our Value Proposition

Through refined mobile, web and progressive app user experience, we work with our clients as they swiftly move towards digital transformation enhancing service delivery and improved performance.

The 4 pillars upon which Mijinitech is built on

Team work

Team work

Together we unite ideas to make your dream a reality and a success



We go the extra mile to deliver beyond our customers’ expectations



We take pride in customer satisfaction and providing long-term solutions



We appreciate and reciprocate the trust and commitment from our clients, partners and employees

Get to Know Our Team

James Ndoto
James NdotoChief Executive
Serge Ukety
Serge UketyChief Operating
Evans Mawa
Evans MawaResearch & Development
Innocent Dema
Innocent DemaChief Technical
Melissa Hanif
Melissa HanifChief Marketing
Manu Dema
Manu DemaBusiness Development
Joel Nasibu
Joel NasibuChief Finance
Grace Murigi
Grace MurigiSoftware Engineer
Stef de Jong
Stef de JongInt'l Business Adivisor