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Cloud Strategy & Development

Cloud is about collaboration and simplifying the way people work - we have been there and done that. Whether you are looking to optimize existing setup, migrate to new cloud infrastructure, build cloud apps or maintain your current structure; our developers possess the necessary expertise and experience for a forward-thinking cloud strategy and implementation. Clients who have travelled with us on their cloud journey, have experienced scalability, agility and cost savings.


Popular cloud projects our experts can run for you:

• Cloud Migration

From establishing the migration-architect role, choosing your level of cloud integration - single or multi-cloud, establishing performance baselines , prioritizing migration components to performing any necessary refactoring and creating a data-migration plan; MijiniTech is your best partner.

• Apps development on cloud

Cloud applications are best deployed as a collection APIs, built up from the data to the services and then combine into complete composite applications.  At MijiniTech, we design applications specifically for the platform on which they’ll run for better performance, more resilient and easy management.

• Application migration to cloud

MijiniTech helps businesses through the implementation of a best Application migration strategy exploring the Cloud provision compute power, storage and other resources, gaining access to a suite of elastic IT infrastructure services as their business demands them.

Platforms and technologies

  • On Premise Cloud;
  • Microsoft Azure;
  • Amazon Web Services;
  • Puppet;
  • Gogle Cloud;
  • Firebase;
  • Heroku.

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