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Data center

The Data center is where the consolidations of applications, servers and storage occurs.  The current trends in server and storage consolidation are the result of the need for increased efficiency in the application environments and for lower costs of operations.  Data center are built to support high speed communication between servers and storage and between storage devices.  Data center provides additional security physical and virtual to further protect the data. 

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Designing Morden Data Center

Data center houses critical computing resources in controlled environment and under centralized management, which enables enterprises and governments to operate around the clock according to their operations need.  These computing resources include: mainframes, web and applications servers, file and print servers, messaging servers, application software, and the operating systems that run them, storage sub systems, and the network infrastructures, whether IP or Storage Area Network.   

MijiniTech is equipped with expertise in designing and deploying end to end Modern data centers that respond to the issues of data overload among others providing a first-hand cloud experience.

We have deployed Data Center Infrastructure that runs Applications ranges from Internal Financial to integrated Tax Revenue management system and Human resources and supply chain as well as government process automations systems, government to business and citizen applications.  

Data Center Architecture

  • Access layer

    • Frontend
    • Applications
    • Backend
  • Storage layer

    • Storage infrastructure
    • Storage Network devices
  • Transport layer

    • Builds the network layer to deliver the data across the networks
    • Provide end-to-end connectivity across the network and segments

• Network Operations Applications

Network Time Protocol (NTP), File transfer Protocol (FTP), Domain Name Systems (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), TFTP, Network File System (NFS).

• Network based applications

IP Telephony, Video Streaming over IP, IP Video Conferencing.

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