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We offer wide range of IT services to suit your business needs.

A full spectrum of innovative solutions

Mijinitech is a brand that builds, promotes, and offers end-to-end solutions with agility in execution, and depth of specialization; incorporating strategy, creativity and technology to deliver outstanding and effective ICT solutions. We help brands grow in this digital transformation era. 


Mobile development

• Consumer Mobile Apps

We deliver Android and iOS mobile applications listed under various categories, such as health, entertainment, finance, music, news, and travel, among others to help the consumers in their day to day tasks.

• Cross Platform Apps

We use cross platforms frameworks to build and deliver apps that can run across multiple device platforms. Beyond mobile, it is the process of creating software, applications, or services that can run on more than operating system.

• B2B Mobile Apps

We help business owners to utilize mobile applications for the betterment of their business. We develop Android and iOS mobile applications that can be used to simplify business processes and increase productivity.

• Entreprise Mobility Apps

Today, there are mobile apps that help people in accomplishing various tasks such as banking, and shopping among others. We deliver Enterprise mobile applications, enabling business to harness the power of productivity to achieve what was earlier imagined as unachievable.

Web development

• Web Based Business Applications

If your business need process automation. At MijiniTech we deliver workflow application software that automates the tasks involved in a business process. We developer Tasks in the workflow may include approvals, adding information, or data transfers.

• Web services

Web services are a structured way to access data from a web site or online system. There are many sources of content now that provide web services to enable 3rd parties to access that content. Stock market data, live weather forecasts and latest news are just some of the web services that MijiniTech has worked with to provide up-to-date data in our mobile apps.

• Backend & API Integrations

Wherever your data is held, MijiniTech can help develop a backend web services integration to open it up to your customers to provide a seamless experience. Our developers are experts at developing and connecting to existing database systems to successfully integrate an apps. 

• Website Development

We design, manage and maintain websites from scratch. Our prime concern is ensuring our clients’ website is current, customized, and easy to use and that the content uploaded is generating attention thereby ensuring online campaigns are at an optimum performance.


" If Digital Transformation matters, we are the solution ! "

Cloud Strategy & Development


• Cloud Migration

From establishing the migration-architect role, choosing your level of cloud integration - single or go multi-cloud, establishing performance baselines , prioritizing migration components to performing any necessary refactoring and creating a data-migration plan; MijiniTech is your best partner.

• App development on the cloud

Cloud applications are best deployed as a collection APIs, built up from the data to the services and then combine into complete composite applications.  At MijiniTech we design applications specifically for the platform on which they’ll run for better performance, more resilient and easy management. 

• Application migration to cloud

With minimal cost and effort, MijiniTech help businesses move their application to the cloud and reduce capital expenses, minimize support and administrative costs, and retain the performance, security, and reliability requirements their business demands.

IoT Solutions

IoT is transforming lives and everyday working, and it is definitely cool to see endless possibilities of its applications.


• IoT Solutions Development & Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds the promise of a new wave of app development: IoT apps. It interweaves sensors, connected devices, networking, cloud, and analytics.  MijiniTech pays attention to the integration of the ecologies and sub-systems across the universe of the IoT.

• Ecosystem Integration

MijiniTech provides its clients with endless development opportunities by introducing a fully integrable IoT platform.  Open for seamless integration with various smart devices, applications, and third-party systems, it will satisfy any business needs. Scalable and secure, our solution for the Internet of Things will form the foundation of your enterprise’s new technology infrastructure.

• Data Management & Analytics

The data collected by an IoT solution application is the key to increase the enterprise intelligence.  MijiniTech makes sure the generated by the devices data is accurately mined, stored and processed. Capitalizing on the advancements in data analytics and machine learning, we create solutions that supply our clients with the truly meaningful insights and credible predictions.

Analytics & BI

• Data Management

Data Asset Management is the first step Enterprises must take in order to gain a competitive edge. Managing incoming data streams, analyzing it.

• Data Analysis

With exponential growth in data, Big Data analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions have become the cornerstone of planning key business strategies.

• Data Integration & Processing

Enterprises are flooded with information that comes from heterogeneous sources. Integration of this information is crucial for all the enterprises.

• Data Visualization

With data volumes exploding, enterprises are struggling to understand what their data means, how to derive deep, actionable consumer insights.