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IoT is transforming lives and everyday working, and it is definitely cool to see endless possibilities of its applications. However, everyone in the market is at different adoption levels. Having a thorough understanding of the current landscape, our IoT engineers and developers deliver smart solutions to help you build and scale through the entire IoT value chain and ecosystem. Our IoT experts and developers have the experience and expertise you are looking for.

Popular projects Our IoT developers can deliver for you:

• IoT solutions & Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds the promise of a new wave of app development: IoT apps. It interweaves sensors, connected devices, networking, cloud, and analytics. We pay attention to the integration of the ecologies and sub-systems across the universe of the IoT.

• Ecosystem intergration

We provide our clients with endless development opportunities by introducing a fully integrable IoT platform.  Open for seamless integration with various smart devices, applications, and third-party systems.

• Data Management & Analytics

The data collected by an IoT solution application is the key to increase the enterprise intelligence.  MijiniTech makes sure the generated by the devices data is accurately mined, stored and processed.

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