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We are a company formed of individuals with an enduring trajectory worked for various organizations and various governments to design, develop, implement, and manage governments digital transformation projects in various countries: Kenya, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Botswana, and Ethiopia. We hold experience in customized e-governance software, Bought-out, hybrid and revenue models. 

Through our strong partnership with internationally recognized companies, Mijinitech has developed integrated tax management software solutions that can handle various governmental operations like: identification, data analysis, billing and payment, permit delivery, administration portal for governments, driving license management software, mass enrolement system, national ID system, online visa & passport applications, police monitoring solution, etc. Our software solutions are designed based on various technologies like blockchain, GPS, GSM, NFC, RFID, etc.

Our government solution ensure real-time monitoring and provide real-time data of the various activities associated with the existing system. This improves effectiveness, efficiency, data reliability and reduces errors in the system.

We have these solutions for both web and mobile platforms.

• Integrated Tax system

Our platforms have inbuilt Tax module that allow various integrations for any government.  Our Tax module manages rates, categories and applicabilities of all taxes. 

• Custom Management

Our custom management modules, manages clients, importation and exportation of goods, clearing and forwarding, reporting and HR/Payroll management.

• Permit Delivery

Mindful of the conruption and forgery of government issued documents, our Permits and certificate delivery modules allows encryption and integration of data into a smart card making any government issued document sucure.  

• License & Permits Control

Followed by an fraud detection mechanism we have implemented, our sucure ID or any government issued licenses are inspected using 6 methods, making it difficult to by pass the regulatory authority.

Driver License and vehicle registration.

The Smart Card based Solution has been implemented for the issuance of smart card Driving License and Vehicle Registration certificate (DL/RC). This card can be used as a secure national ID.


Applicants and vehicles data are collected. Personalization is done and security keys are inserted in the card by authorized officials, making it a secure ID card.

The card is then issued to the applicant of either. The Smart DL/RC allows for the capturing of data at the point of action through a handheld terminal which is issued to law enforcement officers. It also acts as smart card vehicle logbook (South Sudan case study). The data is transferred to the Central database at the end of the day through a transport card in the handheld terminal.


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