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The use of modern technology in today's retail businesses remains a challenge.  The high cost of implementing IT business solutions such as Enterprise Resources Planning or Accounting systems poses a big limitation too many businesses; mainly due to limited budget or poor cash flow generally; but most critically it is because of lack of proper accountability, oversight and abscent of technology.

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Retail businesses solutions

MijiniTech has developed turn key solution that help businesses from startups, SMEs to corporate automate their process and compete failry in this ever changing business environment.   Our business suites solutions designed for retail businesses allow focus, productivity as well as growth.   Suported with IoT and cashless payment technology integration, our retails business solution suites allow easy and secure payment processing as it speeds up service delivery.  

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Important features of our retail solutions

• Inventory Management

• Multiple shops Management

• Employee management

• Expenses

• Reporting

• Touch Sale

• Customer sale

• End of day sale

• End of week

• Profit / Loss Statements

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